International Exhibitions visiting India are sometimes sent to the Akademi for the benefit of artists and art lovers of the city. International Exhibitions organized so far have been :

Sr No. Subject / Theme Organised by Date / Year
41 International Dhokra Art Workshop State Lalit Kala Akademi UP And CSJM Kanpur University 04-11Feb,2020
40 International Ramayan Mahotsav State Lalit Kala Akademi UP And ICCR And Cultural Affair UP 20,21Sept,2019
39 International Artist Camp State Lalit Kala Akademi UP And CSJM Kanpur University 14th to 20th Nov,2019
38 International Artist Camp Ramayan State Lalit Kala Akademi UP And Ayodhya Sodh Sansthan 31st Oct to 4th Nov,2018
37 Bhagawat Geeta Based Exhibition International Geeta Mahotsav Kurkshetra Hariyana 25th to 30th Nov,2017
36 Art For Piece -Pakistan's Artist Photography Exhibition IIPC, New Delhi 6th to 10th June,05
35 Art Exhibition of Madhubani Style British International School, Cario 18th to 23rd July. 05
34 The Joy of Sport Organized by UNESCO 12th to 19th Oct,04
33 "The End of Polio" Photography Exhibition By W.H.O. 6-12 April, 2003
32 Craft Exhibition of Saarc Countries Indian Council for Cultural Relations 30 Oct - 6 Nov, 1992
31 Contemporary Graphic Arts Exhibition of Czechoslovakia 16-21 Jan, 1991
30 '150 Years of American Photography' United States Information Services 10-20 Aug, 1990
29 International Graphic Arts Exhibition AIFACS, New Delhi 31 Dec - 7 Jan, 1989
28 Contemporary Etching & Applied Art Exhibition Commissioner Handicrafts, Govt. of India 5 Feb - 2 Mar, 1988
27 10th International Unesco Photo Exhibition 'Happiness' Ministry of Education & Culture, Govt. of India 27-30 April, 1987
26 Exhibition of 61 Works of Art of 7 Artists of Austria Austrian Embassy 11-15 Feb, 1986
25 Exhibition of Paintings of Kim Hong Syuk of Korea Korean Embassy 7-12 Aug, 1985
24 'Aspects of Landscape' Art Exhibition British Council, New Delhi 20-29 Oct, 1983
23 Exhibition of Photographs of Carabella of America United States Information Services, New Delhi 2-6 Jun, 1981
22 Russian Film Show 31 Jan, 1976
21 Indo Netherland Film Show 21-31 Dec, 1975
20 Canadian Film Show 21-22 Nov, 1975
19 German Film Show 30-31 Oct, 1975
18 French Film Show 4 Sep, 1975
17 Indian & British Film Show 25-27 Aug, 1975
16 Art Film Shows United States Information Service 16-21 Nov, 1971
15 Exhibition of Reproductions of Leonardo Da Vinci Calcutta Art Society 18-22 May, 1971
14 Exhibition of Reproductions of Duerer Indo-German Society 12-14 Oct, 1971
13 An Exhibition of British Sculptor Barbara Hapworths's Works British Council, New Delhi 22-25 Feb, 1970
12 Exhibition of Works of Russian Artists 24-28 Feb, 1970
11 Film Shows Based on New American Cinema American Cultural Centre 28 Nov, 1969
10 Exhibition of Reproduction of 55 Old & New Masters Dresden Gallery, GDR 7-12 Jun, 1969
09 Graphic Art & Advertising Material Exhibition American Cultural Centre 9-12 Jan, 1967
08 Graphic Art & Poster Exhibition Polish Embassy & Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi 28 Jan-2 Feb, 1967
07 Fascinating Reproduction Work Exhibition Indo-German Cultural Exchange Programme 25-30 Sep, 1967
06 Polish Paper Cuts Exhibition Polish Embassy 6-8 Oct, 1967
05 French Film Show on 6 Great Masters 8-12 Sep, 1967
04 Abstract Water Colour American Cultural Centre 25-28 April, 1965
03 American Graphic Art Exhibition Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi 7-13 Aug, 1965
02 Modern American Painting Exhibition American Cultural Centre 5-9 April, 1964
01 International Art Film Festivals


Annual Art Exhibitions of State level are organised regularly every year by the Akademi. Cash Awards, Memento and Certificates are given to award winners.

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Exhibition of Permanent Art Collection Art Collection

Outstanding works of art have been collected from various exhibitions, shows and camps, since the existence of the Akademi. Selecting from a vast reserve collection of almost 1800 works consisting of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and graphics, specialised exhibitions are organised in the Modern Art Gallery of the Akademi throughout the year. Specialised exhibitions have been organized in all the major cities of the State also such as Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Faizabad, Allahabd, Kanpur, Jhansi, Etawah, Agra, Mathura, Aligarh, Moradabad, Bareilly, Rampur, Shahjahanpur, Hardoi, Banda and Sitapur etc.

Retrospective Art Exhibition

Retrospective Art Exhibitions are organized to highlight the entire range of creative artistic expression of celebrated artists who have made important contribution in the field of art.
Renowned artists like Prof. R. S. Bisht, Prof K. S. Kulkarni, Shri Sanat Kumar Chatterjee and Shri Dilip Das Gupta have so far held their retrospective exhibitions in the Akademi..

Invited Art Shows

Renowned artists are frequently invited to hold their individual shows at the Akademi. On this occasion a brief folder about their works is also published.

Invited Art Shows held by the Akademi:

Sr No. Painting Year
55 Santosh Varma 2018
54 Jai Shankar Mishra 2017
53 Krishna Trivedi 2017
52 Sunil Kumar Saxena 2016
51 Subir Ray 2016
50 D.P Mohanti 2015
49 Rajendra Prasad 2012
48 N.K Mishra 2012
47 Ashutosh Mishra 2008
46 S. Pranam Singh 2008
45 Dr. Ram Shabd Singh 2008
44 Sunderlal 2007
43 Baldev Gambhir 2007
42 Ram Kanvar 2007
41 Ram Viranjan 2005
40 Harish Srivastava 2005
39 Gopal Madhukar Chaturvedi 2002
38 Jiten Hazarika 2002
37 B.S. Thakur 2001
36 C. K. Paliwal 2000
35 Yashodhar Mathpal 1999
34 Sharad Pandey 1996
33 Vijay Singh 1994
32 Surendra Joshi 1994
31 Mohd Saleem 1987
30 Karn Man Singh 1985
29 Prakash Karmakar 1983
28 Madan Lal Nagar 1981
27 Satish Chandra 1980
26 Vasudev Smart 1979
25 Vishwanath Khanna 1978
24 Vishwanath Mukherjee 1975
23 Badri Nath Arya 1975
22 S. Ajmat Shah 1973
21 Yashodhar Mathpal 1973
20 Satish Dwivedi 1973
19 Dilip Das Gupta 1972
18 Sukhbir Singh Singhal 1972
17 Yogendra Nath Yogi 1972
16 D. P. Dhulia 1972
15 S. P. Chadha 1971
14 Prabha Pawar 1971
13 Ram Chandra Shukla 1971
12 Shri Ram Vaishya 1971
11 P. C. Little 1970
10 R. C. Sathi 1970
09 N. Khanna 1969
08 B. B. Chakravorti 1967
07 Pushpa Gupta 1966
06 Muni Singh 1966
05 B. S. Bhatnagar 1966
04 Satish Dwivedi 1966
03 Madan Lal Nagar 1965
02 Musleh Ahmad 1965
01 A. S. Pawar 1964
Sr No. Graphic Year
05 Kiran Singh Rathore 2018
04 Ashutosh Mishra 2008
03 M. K. Puri 1980
02 Manohar Lal Bhugra 1971
01 Jai Krishna Agrawal 1965
Sr No. Sculpture Year
07 Vimla Bisht 1985
N. N. Roy
N. N. Roy
04 M. V. Krishnan 1981
N. N. Roy
02 Suleman Khan 1974
N. N. Roy
Sr No. Drawing Year
08 Shiv Balak 2007
07 Major Ashok Kumar 2001
06 Vijay Singh 1994
05 R. P. Nigam 1990
04 A. P. Gajjar 1979
03 S. G. Shrikhande 1977
02 Jagdish Gupta 1973
01 Rathin Mitra 1969

Other Collaborative Exhibitions

Since 1998-99, the All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi has been organising State Exhibitions in collaboration with State Lalit Kala Akademies/State Art Organisations. Award - winning entries from State Exhibitions are collected from each State and National Level Exhibition is organised, in which awards in different categories are given at the national level.

Other Exhibitions have also been organised in collaboration with different institutions.

Sr no. Event Year In Collaboration with
9 National Panter Camp & Workshop 2018 With Collaboration Fineart Depatment Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur
8 Art Exhibition - Painting of Asit Kumar Haldar 27 Jan to 03 Feb, 2014 Allahabad Museum
7 Exhibition of sprit of Independent India 25-30 July, 2008 Photo Division, Information & broadcasting Govt. of India.
6 Exhibition of NGMA's Collections 7-27 May, 1999 National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
5 Photo Exhibition "Children of India" 13-26 Aug, 1979 Information & Broadcasting Ministry, GOI, New Delhi
4 Travelling Exhibition No. 8 8-11 Jun, 1977 Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
3 Contemporary Indian Prints 16-21 Nov, 1971 USIS, New Delhi
2 39th Annual Art Exhibition 13-18 Jan, 1970 AIFACS, New Delhi
1 National Exhibition of Art 19 Jan to 20 Feb, 1968 Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

Artists' Camp

The concept of organising Artists' camps is to bring together different artists at one place and facilitate their interaction with each other as well as with art lovers. Generally artists work alone in their own studios. A genuine curiosity exists about how artists express their creativity and feelings in the various mediums. To create awareness about art techniques of artists, State level / national level artists' camps are organized inviting senior / young artists of the State and outside it. Akademi organizes these camps in scenic spots in order to create the right ambience. The Akademi provides for the visit, stay, food, material for art creation and other necessary arrangements. The artists are also given an honorarium and the works created in these camps are added to the permanent art collections of the Akademi.

Art Camps organised so far:

38 National Painter Camp, JhunJhunu (Rajasthan) 2020
37 National Painter Camp Kumbh, Prayagraj 2019
36 Exhibition Oof Pictures Created in the Camp, Lucknow 2019
35 All India Youth Painter Camp, Lucknow 2018
34 Exhibition, Ayodhya 2018
33 International Ramayana Camp and Workshop, Lucknow 2018
32 Metal Sculpture Camp,Lucknow 2014
31 Sculpture Camp,Lucknow 2011
30 Panter Camp, Lucknow 2011
29 Panter Camp, Kushi Nagar 2009
28 Panter and Sculptors Camp, Agra, ( Life of B.R.Ambadcar) 2008
27 Artist Camp (1857) Lucknow 2007
26 Artists' Camp - Jhunsi, Allahabad 2006
25 (Coll . Nczcc) Calligraphy Lucknow 2005
24 (Coll . Nczcc) Ceramic Allahabad 2004
23 Artists' Camp, Goa 2003
22 Lucknow Mahotsav Artists' Camp, Lucknow 2000
21 Multi Media Artists' Camp, Lucknow 2000
20 "Nav Samvatsar" Painters' Camp, Lucknow 2000
19 Painters' Camp, Holiday Home, Almora 1999
18 Painters' Camp, Dhanaulti 1999
17 'Tricolour' Painters' Camp, Lucknow 1998
16 Print Making Camp, RLKK Aliganj, Lucknow 1997
15 Painters' Camp, Tourists' Home, Bhimtal 1997
14 Young Painters' / Sculptors' Camp, Nawabganj, Unnao 1997
13 All India Sculptors' Camp, Haridwar 1996
12 All India Painters' Camp, Holiday Home, Almora 1996
11 Artists' Camp, Mathura 1994
10 Graphic Artists' Camp, Lucknow 1994
9 Ceramic Camp, Chinhat 1993
8 Painters' and Sculptors' Camp, Agra 1994
7 Painters' and Sculptors' Camp, Vrindavan, Mathura 1990
6 Painters' Camp, Nawabganj, Unnao 1988
5 Painters' Camp, Nainital 1984
4 Multidimensional Camp, IIT Kanpur 1978
3 Print Making Camp, Varanasi 1974
2 Painters' Camp, Dehradun 1972
1 All India Sculpture Camp, BHU, Varanasi 1971


To enrich art and artists through enlightened lectures of experts in the field and also to generate meaningful discussions, adding to further dissemination of knowledge, lectures have been organised from time to time in the Akademi. Some of the greatest names have been invited by the Akademi so far.

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Lecture Demonstration

To bring senior and popular artists face-to-face with upcoming artists, art lovers and artists of different streams, the Akademi organises Lecture-Demonstrations from time to time, where the invited artist demonstrates live before an audience his/her skills and also gives a theoretical explanation of his/her style and answers queries from the audience. From 1999 onwards, the Akademi has also begun the practice of honouring the artists invited for a lecture demonstration.

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Radhakamal Mukerjee Memorial Lecture Series

The contribution of the second Chairman of the Akademi Dr. Radhakamal Mukherjee is invaluable. Shri Mukerjee died on 24 August, 1968 while chairing the General Council meeting in the Akademi campus.
He has donated 271 works of art from his private collection to the Akademi which boasts of famous works of distinguished artists. Since 1979, lecture-series are being organised by the Akademi in his memory where renowned artists, art historians and art critics of the country are invited to speak on issues related to contemporary art. The following dignitaries have been invited so far :

S.No. Speaker Year Topic
44 Dr. Shashibala Rathi 2018 The emotional research of the soul is art.
43 Dr. S.P Verma 2018 History of Indian art.
42 Dr. Veerbala Bhavasar 2007 Modern Art
41 Pan. Vidhyadhar Vyas 2005 Interlink between Lalit Kala and Sangeet
40 Shri Rai Anand Krishna 2005 Interlink between Lalit Kala and Litreture
39 Shri Jyotish Joshi 2005 Interlink between Natya Kala and Lalit Kala
38 Shobhna Narayan 2005 Interlink between Lalit Kala and Nritya Kala
37 Dr.Vidya Niwas Misra 2002 Indian Art Perspective
36 Sri P.N. Choyal 2001

i- Outline of Contemporary Arty

ii- Art Education

35 Sri Sunit Chopra 1998

i- Art & Sociology

ii- The Radical in Indian Art

34 Sri P.N. Mago 1994

i- Art Craft & Craft Art

ii- Quest for New Modes in Contemporary Art

33 Sri Vinod Bharadwaj 1993

i- Threats in Today's Art

ii- Art & its Market

32 Sri Pranav Ranjan Ray 1992 Indian Art History in Modern Age - A Viewpoint
31 Dr. Rai Anand Krishna 1987

i- Chronology of Mewar Painting

ii- Artists - Their Estates & Genealogies in Mewar

30 Sri Keshav Malik 1987

i- Art Centres in India

ii- Art & Technology

29 Dr. Jyotindra Jain 1986 Ritual Art of Western India
28 Sri Vivan Sundaram 1986 Images & Contact - Figurative Painting in India
27 Prof. K.S. Kulkarni 1985

i- Appreciation of Art

ii- Elements of Art Composition

26 Dr. Sridhar Andhare 1984

i- Chronology of Mewar Painting

ii- Artists - Their Estates & Genealogies in Mewar

25 Dr. Mohan Lal Nigam 1983

i- Mughal Art

ii- Sculptures of Andhra

24 Ms. Geeta Kapoor 1983

i- The Glass Picture of K.G. Subramanian

ii- About Impression of Indian Art

23 Ms. Jaya Appaswami 1982

i- Indian Paintings on Company School

ii- Indian Paintings on Glass

22 Dr. Ratan Parimu 1981

i- Ashta Mahapratiharya

ii- Indian Sculpture on Events of life of Mahatma Buddha

21 Sri K.K. Nayyar 1980

i- Indian Paintings

ii- Continuity & Mutations

iii- The Modern Phase & the Images of Man in Contemporary Indian Paintings

20 Prof. Joseph James 1979

i- Towards a Picture

ii- The Picture of Modern Indian Art

iii- The Picture & the Prospects

19 Dr. L.P. Sihare 1978

i- Evaluation of Traditional Indian Art

ii- Brief Survey of International Modern Painting

iii- Brief Survey of Indian Modern Art

18 Dr. Suresh Awasthi 1978 Fine Art & Traditional Theatre
17 Sri Akbar Padamsee 1978 Aesthetic Sense & Contemporary Awareness in Indian Traditions
16 Prof. Krishna Khanna 1977

i- The Progressive Painters' Group - 1948-53

ii- Alternatives Before the Indian Artists

iii- My Progress as an Artist since 1947

15 Prof. B.R. Amberkar 1976 Evaluation of Art : A Point of View
14 Prof. Dinkar Kaushik 1974

i- Art Education

ii- Two Experiments in Creative Education

iii- Genesis of Image in Art

13 Sri Nissim Ezkil 1973 Modern Indian Art& Its Audience
12 Sri P.C. Little 1973 Art Scene - Then & Now
11 Sri Asad Ali 1973 Contemporary Art Scene
10 Sri Krishna Narain Kacker 1973 Nature of Modern Paintings
9 Prof. Ramchandra Shukla 1973 Future Trends of Indian Modern Art
8 Prof. Ajit Chakravarty 1972 Tantrik Art
7 Prof. K.G. Subramanian 1972 Our Art Traditions - Its Many Phases
6 Sri M. Zaheer 1971 Display of Objects in Museum& Galleries
5 Prof. S.K. Saraswati 1971 Nepalese Manuscripts' Painting
4 Sri Mukundi Lal 1971 Traditions in Indian Art Theory
3 Dr. Bhagwat Sharan Upadhyaya 1970 Erotic in Symbols
2 Prof. Nihar Ranjan Ray 1970 Image of Matter & Life in Indian Art
1 Ms. Kamala Devi Chatopadhyay 1970 Characteristics of Folk Art


Diverse Dimensions of Art 29th & 30th March, 2019, Lucknow

° Contemporary painting
° Contemporary sculpture
° Art history
° Folk Art
° Ancient indian art
° The Role of Art in High Education
° Relevance of Art Principles in Modern Art
° Art Photography in Present
° Incorporating of Stage Art in Visual Art
° Tourism and art
° kala Ka Vividh Ayam Of Art- 2019

Seminar on 'Creativity & the Contemporary Indian Art' in collaboration with Utkarsh Fankar Society, Aligarh, 28-30 March, 1986, Aligarh

Speakers Topic
° R.S. Bisht (Lucknow) Creativity : Individual and Collective
° Ranvir Saxena (Dehradun) Interpreting Aesthetic in Art..
° G. K. Agrawal (Aligarh) Human Elements in Indian Painting
° G.H. Siddiqui (Lucknow) Art & Society
° Asad Ali (Lucknow) Teaching & Practice in Art
° Gopal Madhukar Chaturvedi (Kashipur) Emotional Expressions in Art
° Shefali Bhatnagar (Lucknow) Psychology in Context of Painting
° Adarsh Gaur (Agra) Creativity in Art
° S.P. Verma (Aligarh) Social Review of Art
° N. Khanna (Lucknow) A Journey of Creativity
° Jagdish Bahadur Johri Aesthetics in Art
° S.K. Sharma (Meerut) Placement of Creativity in Art
° S.D. Shrotriya (Muzaffarnagar ) Art and Public Interest
° Savita Nag (Meerut) Artist Rabindra Nath Tagore
° M.S. Arya Renaissance in Indian Art
° J.B. Jauhari Art in Aesthetics

Acharya Nandlal Bose Centennary Seminar, 27- 29Dec 1983, Lucknow

Speakers Topic
° Prof. K.G. Subramanian (Shantiniketan) Nandlal as an Art Teacher
° B.C. Sanyal(New Delhi) Nandlal Bose & his Times
° Dinkar Kaushik (Shantiniketan) The Teacher Nandlal
° Ratan Parimu (Baroda) Painting of Nandlal Bose: the Style & the Phases
° Vishwanath Khanna (Kanpur) Craft Expert Nandlal : a great Teacher and a great Human
° Jagdish Gupta(Allahabad) Nandlal Bose :Idealogical
° Ram Chandra Shukla (Allahabad) Special Elements of Indian Modernism in the Art of Nandlal Bose
° Gaura Devi Pant Shivani (Lucknow) A Tribute
° Avatar Singh Pawar (Lucknow) Nandlal Bose : a Personality
° K.N. Kacker (Lucknow) Nandlal Bose : an Artist & a Teacher
° N. Khanna(Lucknow) Acharya Nandlal Bose: A Critical Appreciation

Note: Papers of this Seminar are available in Art Quarterly Magazine Issues 20 and 21

The Akademi organises seminars from time to time to generate intellectual discussions on different aspects of art, in which renowned artists, art critics and experts are invited to present their papers.

Seminar on 'New Dimensions in Art', 1-2 June 1978, Kanpur

Speaker Topic
° Asad Ali (Lucknow) Key Note Address
° R.K. Bhatnagar ( Delhi) Modern Trend and Techinques
° N. Khanna (Lucknow) Art and Technology
° Gopal Krishna (Lucknow) Planning and Execution
° Dr. Jagdish Gupta (Allahabad) Modern Indian Art and Authenticity
° K.N. Kacker ( Lucknow) Artnaway

Inter-State Exchanges

In order to project the artistic talents of artists outside the State of Uttar Pradesh, Inter-State Art Exhibitions are organised regularly in coordination with Akademies of other States. These exchange exhibitions not only create awareness about the level of art work amongst contemporary artists but also succeed in fostering the underlying principle of cultural unity. Sometimes artists also accompany the exhibitions and a healthy interaction takes place between the visiting artists and the artists of the hosting State in the form of art camps, lectures, talks, cultural programmes etc.

The following Inter-State Art Exhibitions have been organised by the Akademi :
42 State Lalit Kala Akademi Patna (Bihar) 2018
41 Art Exhibition of U.P Artists at Jaypur 2015
40 Art Exhibition of U.P Artists at Bhubaneswar, Jaypur  2011
39 Art Exhibition of U.P Artists, JAIPUR 2009
38 Art Exhibition of U.P Artists at Panji, GOA 2008
37 Art Exhibition of UP Artists at Panji, Goa 2008
36 Art Exhibition of U.P Artists at Dharm Shala , H.P 2006
35 Art Exhibition of Artsts of Himachal Pradesh at Lucknow 2006
34 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists, at Orissa 2005
33 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Kolkata, W.B. 2005
32 Art Exhibition of West Bengal Artists at Lucknow 2005
31 Art Exhibition of Gujarat Artists at Lucknow 2004
30 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2004
29 Art Exhibition of Goa Artists at Lucknow 2003
28 Art Exhibition of UP Artists at Panji, Goa 2002
27 Art Exhibition of UP Artists at Chandigarh 2000
26 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Jaipur, Rajsthan 2001
25 Art Exhibition of Rajasthan Artists at Lucknow 2001
24 Art Exhibition of Karnatak Artists at Lucknow 1999
23 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Bangalore, Karnatak 1999
22 Art Exhibition of Himachal Pradesh Artists at Lucknow 1998
21 Art Exhibition of Orissa Artists at Lucknow 1994
20 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 1994
19 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa 1994
18 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Madras, Tamil Nadu 1990
17 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Delhi 1990
16 Art Exhibition of Tamil Nadu Artists at Lucknow 1987
15 Art Exhibition of Rajasthan Artists at Lucknow 2001
14 Art Exhibition of Rajasthan Artists at Lucknow 1981
13 Art Exhibition of Delhi Artists at Lucknow 1982
12 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Ernakulam, Kerala 1980
11 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Bangalore, Karnatak 1980
10 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 1980
9 Art Exhibition of Gujarat Artists at Lucknow 1980
8 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Madras, Tamil Nadu 1980
7 Art Exhibition of Madhya Pradesh Artists at Lucknow 1979
6 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Jaipur, Rajsthan 1979
5 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Ahmedabad, Gujarat 1979
4 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Delhi 1975
3 Art Exhibition of Delhi Artists at Lucknow 1974
2 Art Exhibition of Gujarat Artists at Lucknow 1974
1 Art Exhibition of U.P. Artists at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 1973


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